"you NEED to do yoga."

this is what blue said to me the other day.

i hate to admit it, but i had a mental breakdown last week.

i completely melted into a sobbing ball of emotional ooze on the front steps of a clients house.  unreal.

(that’s not me . . . it’s natalie 😀 )

i’ve been practicing yoga off and on for about 4 years now, unfortunately the period of not practicing was starting to creep up on me.  all i wanted to do was get to my very talented friend’s class, at sacred mountain yoga.  and it just seemed like i was a mario cart and everyone in front of me was tossing banana peels to try to trip me up.

so i cried.

flash forward to after my cardio boosting, chakra opening, punching bag workout and i felt FANTASTIC!  everything seemed clearer to me and made soooo much more sense.  my job/career, this wedding and our lives and living situation in general.  being able to stretch and center my thoughts and feelings is such an advantage, to the point where i am now being instructed to continue doing it on regular basis.

i thought it was funny because he was so serious.  yoga has become the remedy.  

i’ve never experienced anything like this before.  maybe i’ve never been stressed out like this , but the fact that my mood changed almost instantaneously is extraordinary to me.  

thanks babe, i think i will. 🙂


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