Tourist Weekend #1 – Casa Loma

I think it’s so fun when you can discover new things in your city.
Of course, there’s nothing “new” about Casa Loma. 😉
It’s one of those places that everybody visits in elementary school, but alas, I never went. I must have been sick for that trip.
So a few weekends ago, Eli and I were hosting friends from out of town and we decided to visit the castle.
the dining room and great room.  the details on the main  floor are amazing.  So it goes that Sir Henry Pellat ran out of the money to finish the project.  It’s obvious to see what the priority rooms were.
the sun roof in the green roof.  apparently, there is a big light behind the stained glass that can be lit on a dim day, so the ceiling is always spectacular.  I’m implementing the same concept in a basement where the window is under a deck . . . great minds think alike.

the lady’s master bedroom.  it will never cease to amaze me how history repeats itself.  all of the pieces and fixtures in this house could easily be on the front page of a design magazine tomorrow.
lady pellat’s ensuite.  coral details to match her bedroom.

such a statement! 

various doors throughout the castle.  beautiful details.

i love this piece!  would love to find one . . . 

even the radiators in the garage were rad,  🙂  
I took so many pictures.  I made my friends go ahead because I was holding everyone up taking snapshots of the things I saw.  If you live in Toronto and haven’t been or if you’re planning on visiting our fair city, I highly recommend it.  Not only is it a great daytime activity, but you might get lucky and attend an evening function or wedding.  It is stunning when it is all lit up at night time.
***update: (3 hours later)
I think it’s amazing when things are so kismet.  Literally, right after posting this, I started doing a little research about my business and getting it started and I came across the Happiness Project.  It is a movement to spark creativity and promote happiness and well being within yourself.  Doing fun and interesting things make us less stressed and more susceptible to being gosh-darn happy.  This weeks challenge is to, gasp, be a tourist in your own city!  Judging by the fact that I was still excited enough by what I saw and experienced at Casa Loma (and I have another trip waiting in the wings) to still write and post it is enough proof for me.  Check it out, I signed up for more challenges!
now I’m fin. 🙂 ***
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