time to get out of the damned closet.

it has been about 2 yrs now.

2 yrs of talking about it, planning it, looking at themes for it, dreaming about it, saving things to say on it . . .
it’s great that E’s so busy with his other clients . . . unfortunately that leaves me blogless and watching everyone else fly by me.
screw it! now more than ever i need an outlet to get stuff out of my brain. so that’s what i’m doing. created my own blog.
so it is here i will vent about work, share interesting thing i come across everyday and now that i’m getting married . . . my stresses, happiness and the process (anyone who knows me knows that i’m going all out!) will finally have a place to go.
so here it is. love.fresh.design has a home right now, i’ll deal with the fallout later from E later.
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