small is good too :)

today was a teeny tiny day.
staged two downtown condos, each with their own challenges.
these spaces have their pros of course; convenient location and cost.
but they’re sooooo small.  it got me thinking about really rad storage solutions that would maximize space, be functional and pretty all at the same time.
now this is small space.  all of the elements fit neatly into this cube.  crazy! the sofa whips around and turn into a bed.  it is even complete with stools for guest seating and a table.  to be completely honest though, this reminds me of the episode of seinfeld where kramer wants to turns his apartment into levels and jerry bets him that he won’t do it . . . golden jerry!
i am a huge fan!  a really great solution for book collectors or avid readers.  instead of having heavy bookshelves dominate a room, take advantage of the vertical space and utilize the bit above the door!  in especially small rooms, it would create the illusion of a vaulted ceiling.  i have a similar solution in my stupidly small bathroom.  a shelf above the door is a great place to store things that i don’t use everyday like the first aid kit or my curling iron. 🙂
this stroke of genius is courtesy of am australian company called unicraft joinery.  this is quite possibly one of the smartest things i have ever seen!  i run into this ALL the time, stairs and doorways don’t mix.  what a great way to utilize the space under the stairs . . . 
i feel like this would only work if there are multiple closets available, which, as we all know, in small spaces are hard to come by.  nonetheless, i love that the doors can be closed and the office hidden.  all of your home office needs are kept neat and central.
blue and i are thinking about moving soon.  since we clearly are only making a marginal upgrade in size, variations of some of these ideas will probably be carried out. 🙂
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  1. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    totally best idea for stairs ever! the staircase would be even better if the risers (the drawer part) were painted rainbow colours, it looks so cool!


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