Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan?

We all watch the DIY shows, and we know the basics of how to get the job done.  Somewhere along the way though, we get caught up in the adaptation.  Inevitably, we get lost in the transformation and the project never gets finished.  The main sticking point?  Understanding what we like and incorporating it into where we live.

Depending on your needs and budget, I will build you a plan.  I can be as hands on as you need me to be. We both know you can do it!

Home Staging Living Room
Home Styling Kitchen and Family Room

Home Styling

So you’re flipping through the latest design or home magazine, and as you gaze upon the glossy pages with the perfectly styled room, you’re thinking, “Gosh, I wish my place could look like that!”  The reason that the magazines make it look so easy, is because they are taking a snapshot into an unlived room.

With my help, I can give you a snapshot moment that can be lived in.  Let me source and scour for the perfect accessories that will help you make your space picture perfect.

Space Planning

Feeling cramped and confined in your space?  Do you have an obscure exit path through the living room to get out of your house in the morning?  Or maybe your dining room table is multi-tasking as a desk/ironing board/filing cabinet/eating table?

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of shuffling to make a space functional, re-using and re-purposing pieces you already own.  Or, buying pieces with purpose to utilize every square inch AND make it beautiful. Now there’s some serious multi-tasking!

Home Staging and Design Space Planning
Living Room 131 Heddington Ave

Home Staging

The Real Estate market can be a tricky thing to navigate physically and mentally on your own.  You must now think of your home as a product and the goal should be presenting that product in the best light. Sometimes that means a quick once over, cleaning and re-organizing while other times it means re-painting, renting furniture, art and accessories and analyzing the space to arrange it in the most appealing way.

I can help you achieve results like selling over asking and a quick sale.  I can’t guarantee it, of course, the market does what it wants.  But together we can show people what a great place you have to live and move you on to the next chapter in your life.

Colour Consultation

I will help you choose colours to lighten and brighten your home or to create interest.  We will choose colours that will enhance the space and create a cohesive feeling throughout the home OR create and incorporate a theme.  Developing points of interest and featuring focal points will open the space up and make more inviting as well as more comfortable for you to live in.

Home Staging Color Consultation

Home Staging and Design Art Placement

Art Placement

Art is both the leading and supporting actor in the home.  It draws the eye through the space and adds depth any room.  I can use existing pieces already in your collection or reccommend pieces that you should be looking for.

Art is subjective, so although I cannot necessarily choose it for you, I will certainly tell you where to put it.  I like to source online and local pieces to give you the most choice.  Sometimes our eye for art is better than our eye for the placement.  I can map it out for you and take out all of the guesswork