Recipe for a Rainy Day

ugh.  it has seriously been raining (and sometimes snowing) for two days now.  and there`s more coming tomorrow.
to make myself feel better, i went to etsy. 🙂  here are some things i found!
courtesy of Atavios Artefacto 

i know i hate it when my hair gets wet  …. it gets all curly and frizzy.  what a beautiful way to cover up!

courtesy of meerwiibli

so fun and so dry.  the only thing that would make this rain coat better is a hood. (again with the hair issue)

courtesy of JoulesJewels
bring on the puddles!  these pink beauties will keep your feet bone dry.

courtesy of ananwang
ok, this sweater is just gorgeous all the time!  but for rainy weather it is the equivalent of getting a long hug.
courtesy of madebyagah
too cute!  this brooch will banish the clouds and keep you smiling.
courtesy of LennyMud
funky little soup bowl . . or tea or hot chocolate or coffee or ovaltine . . . whatever warms you up.
courtesy of wintersymphony
keep your tootsies warm.  socks or slippers 🙂
courtesy of padandquill
this is just genius.  looks like a moleskin book, but it is actually and i phone case.  sooo rad!  protect your gear discreetly!  a great way to keep your phone dry on wet days . . . and also protection for the bottom of the purse.  you know what i am talking about ladies . . .
courtesy of woolgatherings
juicy green alpaca wool.  if i was able to spend my rainy days inside at home, i would be knitting with this wool.  just looking at the picture makes me happy. 🙂
as i get my etsy shop up and running, i find myself learning more and more about it.  my crawl today started when i discovered i could curate my own treasury!  awesome! (oh man i am SUCH a newb!)  
anyway, i hope if you are stuck in this current weather maker you are managing to stay dry and positive,  i know this kind of weather gets me down . . . and it feels like it has been a LONG winter.  my only consolation is that we are almost at mid-march and summer and sun is inevitably on the way.
until next time!
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