navy blue is my new hue.

i find it so interesting that my tastes are constantly changing.

lately (like in the last week) i’ve been obsessing with navy blue.

and not only in my home, but my wardrobe as well.

it all started when a friend of mine suggested we have a nautical themed party on a boat.  a totally rad idea, but i don’t own anything even remotely nautical.  that’s ok, she says, just get something blue.

hmmm, blue, good idea.  i’m already a big fan of turquoise, especially with red, so that’s pretty close.  but i honestly can’t say that i’ve ever been in love with the colour blue.

and as luck would have it, i’m working with a brand new client who is having me design his condo . . . and you guessed it, i’m painting it navy blue!

i love the navy paired with the rusty orange chairs.  it just looks so comfortable.  it’s got a classical yet modern feel.  (ps. note the bookshelf.)
navy blue sharing the space with a crisp white.  probably not the best idea for family living, but oh so pretty to look at.  i especially love the tulip floor lamp. 🙂
so it can be tailored or rustic.  the perfect match for me.
ooh ooh, and with turquoise.  now that is hot.  and bright. and lovely.
but it’s not just lovely interiors i’m drooling over.  i want to wear navy!
love this for the boat themed party . . . don’t know how comfortable it would be on a boat though . . . 
i think i will wear this one on my trip to the zoo.  yep,  eating some ice cream and watching the monkeys, in my pretty navy dress.
this one is just hot.
and the same hotness!  i’ve just got to say that i love  if you didn’t know, know you know!  i would love to complete these outfits for you, but it’s late. and alas, another long day tomorrow.
i’ll keep you posted on the navy blue condo, i’m so excited!  can’t wait to share photos!
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  1. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    @stefan . . . awwww! i never even thought of that! awesome about their blog, i'll definitely check it out 🙂

    @wink . . . i now understand why. 😉


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