Loving Lime Green and Carrie

I have a really great friend, who has a really great cottage.  One of the best parts about her cottage is it’s awesome vintage/retro feel, and that’s probably because it IS vintage. What I love most about her place is the lime green accents!  When she first told me that her cottage was lime, I feel like she was embarrassed ashamed.  ASHAMED of lime green?  Preposterous!  And just to prove it to you Carrie, I dug up this picture taken when I was 16ish, right after I finished painting my room, you guessed it. Lime green!
My parents of course thought I was crazy.  But I think as long as I did all the work, they would’ve let me paint my room any colour!  I think my mom gets it now that I’m all grown up and I do what I do . . . 
Anyway, enough with my stroll down memory lane.  Let’s get on with the lime green goodness!
Lime grounded with grey AND accented with gold.  I probably wouldn’t pick these colours right off the bat, but they totally work  The only thing I might do differently is the ceiling . . . it feels a bit unfinished to me because of the ornateness of the rest of the room.

LOVE green and any orange toned wood.  So very modern and gorgeous.  See what I mean about the ceiling . . . when the ceiling has a treatment it feels much warmer.  

Punches of lime are a great addition too.  It’s such a strong colour that it can be intimidating for some.  If that’s the case, then introduce it in something that it “temporary”, like your lamps or toss cushions.  This way you’re not committing.  This image is interesting because the safest way to introduce an accent colour is with neutrals . . .but in this case with the walls painted blue, it’s a vibrant, fresh and fun feeling.
mmmmmm . . . wanna take a wild guess why this one is my favourite?

crisp white and a beautiful damask wall treatment.  gorge!

Ok, so I know this is not lime green.  but I just llooovvvveee the application, the colour, the accent . . . everything!  I think I love it because it reminds me of my recent trip to Casa Loma and the past.  So bold and uncompromising   I love the change in pattern on the wall and how it’s framed with white.  Anyone who knows me, knows my affinity for the black and white checkerboard floor . . .sigh. one day.
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Thanks for liming with me today!  I look forward to liming all weekend, now that I think about it!
Stay Classy,
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