IDS12! … better late than never, right?

So, it’s come and gone again.

The always hyped, always a spectacle, Interior Design Show.



visit Elte

Maybe I just expect too much.

I’ve attended a fair number of them and It’s always the same thing:  a lot of walking and a lot of visual editing.  Don’t get me wrong, every year they do raise the bar and find more and more innovative artists and designers, but for the number of actually interesting things I see, it’s just as much a repeat of the year before.  All the big name, corporate sponsors had their usual monstrosity of a booth right smack dab in the middle of the hall, so you are sure to know who is responsible for the event.  Truth be told, IKEA could have very well just recycled their set up from last year . . . they didn’t of course.  But there was nothing different about it.  Come to think of it, that’s pretty much why I left IKEA,  the company I once had a design love affair with and  thought was so unique, was as bland as the rest of them.

This year, however, I came into tickets for the gala event, that’s right, the big PARTY!  I’ve never been to the opening party!

This was going to be AWESOME!  I got all  dolled up and off I went.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of socialite or expert in parties for that matter, but let me tell you . . . it was totally anti-climatic.  The only real difference I could see between this night and any other night of the weekend was the food and drinks (which I didn’t feel like standing in line for) the stiletto/boobage combination, and let’s not forget the fur vests and shawls.  Which of course I found odd because I can’t believe anybody in their right minds goes to a trade show dressed in 6″ heels and a saran wrap dress, with a dead animal strewn over their shoulder.  Although, now I’m wondering if I didn’t stay long enough and after I left the disco ball dropped from the ceiling for the dance party.  In which case, I would be VERY upset, cause I loves me a dance party!

But then judging from the crowd, I think this dance party would be more reminiscent of a Royal gala.  There was so much pretentiousness crammed into the Metro Toronto Convention Center that for a moment, I thought I was better than everybody else!  (Let’s just be clear, obviously I don’t actually think that . . . or do I?)  I would have this feeling a lot when I was a student.  Doesn’t matter where you were, if there are other professionals around, you are invisible.  A blight on the ever glamorous image of the interior designer.  Could just be my own insecurities re-surfacing, but the one thing I can’t stand about my industry is the exclusivity.  Like a club I’m never going to get into . . .

But enough with the whining.  There WERE some really great things to see and new products that I learned about.  Here are some of my highlights.





visit Elte


 visit Up Country


They put together a modular crate home and gave each concept room to a designer. It reminds me that one day, I too will live in a shipping crate house . . . with my alpaca’s, Bill and Murray, out back.  A girl can dream can’t she?



I guess I just wish that the show was more innovative and grass roots.  A trade show that highlights LOCAL designers and supports LOCAL materials and fixtures.  Hey . . . maybe that’s a new project maybe I’ll make my own design tradeshow.  Oh geez . . .





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