HEY! Where’d V go?

i’m here . . . exhausted and desperately trying to keep my head above water.

we’ve been dealing with some pretty crappy life challenges . . . death, bill collectors and our car falling apart to name just a few.  but on the plus side eli started a new job, so that definitely makes things a little bit easier.

in the more good news department i’ve got a lot of independent projects that i’m working on.  if i can manage to rock them, then i can potentially soon step out on my own and have my own client base.  scary but pretty awesome, right?  AND  i’m going to be writing for an online design mag, livsavvy.com.  i’ll let you know when to check it out! 🙂

in other news, a very good friend of mine is opening up her own dance studio, so i’m lending a hand with that.  it’s really making me itch to get my own place open, but i have to keep reminding myself about a thing called baby steps.  my soon-to-be-sister-in-law (tee hee!) over at W!NK vintage suggested that we open our own vintage fashion, wears and decor shop . . . the only catch of course is that we would need to live in the same city, which we don’t . . . .ugh!  what a tease, that would be a perfect life!  i suppose though that i should at least get my etsy shop going, that’s only been on my to do list for, i dunno, 6 months now.  maybe i should get myself an intern . . .

thanks to my good friend carrie for letting me visit her ridiculously gorgeous cottage this weekend.  the quiet was so needed.  i swear, i haven’t slept so soundly in such a long time.  i needs to get me some land so i can just pitch my tent whenever i want to and be in nature.  the best part is she has a treasure trove of fantastic goodies up there, all inherited from her husbands grandparents.  i almost peed my pants when i found a jar of vintage buttons!  she let me pick 10 . . . i love her.  i’m hoping she’ll let me help her when it comes time to refinish some of the furniture pieces 🙂

so that’s a bit of an update on my end.  working my ass off as usual.  my plan is to have wwwaaayyyy more free time from work this summer so i can accomplish some of the things on my ever growing list.  because to top it all off, i have a whack-load of projects that i want to do . . . . feel like i’m losing my creativity.  so to re-inspire myself i’m going to hit up the spring trunk show at the workroom tomorrow.

1340 queen street west . . . it’s free admission, free snacks AND rummage finds and handmade wears.  what better way to spend a sunday afternoon?  will i see you there?
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