etsy crawl for shawls

so . . .i have an idea in my brain . . . amongst everything else.  
i want to make a shawl/bolero/shrug thing.  
i was recently watching that new show with betty white, hot in cleveland, and one of the girls was wearing this AWESOME shrug.  it was so rad, i’ve never seen anything like it.
so i’m off to etsy to see if i can find it . . . 
(french felt)
love the paisley print of this one . . . and the fabric weight is kind of what i’m looking for, or even lighter like a linen.
man, this is right up my alley!  the fringe is cool  on the sleeves.  It’s the closest one i found to the design in my head.  as a plus, this shrug doubles as a scarf.

(crochet butterfly)
a knit turtleneck/with handwarmers! perfect for spring or fall. in my mind, this is something i would wear to the local pond for a romantic ice skating date. 😉  i would look awesome until i fall on my ass.
this one is just pretty.
the hippy in me LOVES this.  however, with my job it would get destroyed in less then 2 hours.
this bolero is called strawberry fields . . . which makes it even cooler than i originally thought.
so i didn’t really find anything that resembles what i want to make, yay!  but at least i know what’s out there . . . well on etsy anyway.  sometimes i can’t believe all the cool things that can be found on etsy!  not only is it great for shopping, but it’s even better for inspiration.  roaming around etsy and visiting other people shops has quickly become one of my favourite activities.  it’s just so refreshing!
it’ll probably take me a few tries but i’m confident i can pull this thing off.  now all i need is for the days to longer so i can find the time to make it.  i’ll be sure to post once i transfer the idea from my head to real life.  who knows, maybe it’ll go in MY etsy shop. 🙂
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