Choose one of the following bundles to best suit your design needs.  Just be sure to send me detailed pictures of the space and measurements.  Feel free to include any inspirational images that you have come across, I want to see what you like and what catches your attention.  Also, don’t forget to fill out the Design Profile, so I can do a little recon and learn about you and your home.

freshening up design bundle

Does your space need a little bit of freshening up?  Choose this package and I will pick some new paint colours to co-ordinate with what you already have, to rejuvenate your home.  With this bundle, I will send you three different palettes, along with a painter’s diagram, my DIY Lowdown and any other specifications.  Please contact me if you have multiple rooms that need to be painted.

just like new design bundle

Think of this bundle like the day spa for your home.  Using your existing furniture I will suggest a new floor plan to better suit the space and your needs.  I will select paint colours to lighten and brighten or create a focal point, and accessorize and style the space to make it shine in all its glory.  If I feel like there is something missing, I will suggest and source an example, locally or online, for you.  This option is also ideal for those interested in staging their home for sale.  If staging is what you’re after, then please contact me for more details.  You will receive a detailed floor plan, elevations, paint selection and painter’s diagram, design board and my DIY Lowdown.  By the time I’m through with it, your home will be just like new!

clean slate design bundle

When you don’t want to move, but need a clean slate. Or if you have just moved and already have a clean slate!  Either way I will select and source new furnishings for your space, locally or online.  I’ll choose co-ordinating paint colours, as well and art and accessories to tie everything together AND I’ll show you where to put it all.  Included in this bundle are detailed floor plans and elevations, furniture selection and sources, paint selections and painter’s diagram, design board and my DIY Lowdown.  It will be as though you moved into the home of your dreams  . . . but you didn’t have to go anywhere.

cherry on top design bundle

The über bundle!  This is a top to bottom redo of any room in your house.  Maybe you have been yearning for a new kitchen or the bathroom desperately needs an overhaul.  Or maybe, just maybe, you would LOVE to get some use out of that cold and dingy basement.  Whatever the case, I will help you achieve the design of your dreams . . . with a cherry on top.

Whichever bundle you choose, rest assured that I stay available to you for the duration of the project.  Think of me as your Design Consultant.  If you are feeling confused or frustrated, call me.  If you’ve found something similar on sale, but are not sure if it will work, call me.  If you find you need more help than you initially thought, don’t worry.  We can continue to work together on an hourly basis until you feel more confident or the job is done!  Depending on your needs, we can negotiate my hourly rate accordingly.  Looking forward to working with you!